Honest Home Businesses – How to Identify Them

It is becoming an extremely difficult task finding honest home businesses these days. There are so many scams and fraudulent schemes operating under the garb of legitimate businesses that people are becoming skeptical about home business opportunities of late. It is indeed wise to cautious, but caution should not be taken to an extreme where it prevents you from taking advantage of honest home businesses when you finally spot them. While many have totally lost hope in finding legitimate home-based businesses, others want to know how really to identify them. They acknowledge that there might still be a few honest home-based businesses around, but they want the ability to discern the good from the bad.You would still be able to find honest home businesses, but they are few and far between. You need to be much more knowledgeable for you to identify truly legitimate home businesses. In order to do that, you have to understand the basic principles of a regular business in the first place. Once you know what a true business is, you would be able to easily spot phonies from a mile away.Every business needs to be founded on sound business principles. For a business to run efficiently, it needs to sell a product or a service. If a business is not selling anything, it cannot survive. That is precisely why programs like email clicking and filling up survey forms are not the best business models. They cannot get you very far. The core of any business has got to involve selling. The entire business needs to be built around selling a product or a service in exchange for the customers’ money. This is what constitutes a good business model. And this is one of the best ways to identify honest home businesses too. They would most likely have selling at the core of the business.It would be easier for me to illustrate this with an example. I have come across quite a few home business opportunities that truly impressed me. I just want to use one of them as a case study, so that you can really understand how to evaluate a home business opportunity. For this example, let me use David Bocock’s 4 Day Money Making Blueprint. I wish he gave a different name to the program since this one sounds a little cocky.I first came across David’s site through an affiliate ad. The 4 Day Money Making Blueprint site has a video where David himself explains about the program. What really impressed me was his sincere concern towards his clients that enrolled in his program. Just one minute into the video, I was convinced that he really meant business. Even before I started evaluating the business opportunity, I evaluated David’s credibility and his sense of moral responsibility towards people who shell out their hard-earned money to enroll in his program. And those were the very concerns that he touched upon while explaining why he started the program in the first place. He went on to explain that every single person that enrolled in his program had a story behind them. There was the aged couple trying to earn a little extra to supplement their retirement income. There was the single-mom struggling to raise her children on her own, looking for ways to earn an income from home. David recounts so many instances of people in desperate situations, trying to learn how to setup a home business to support their families. It was heartening to see that he was sensitive to those needs.After watching the video, I went on to evaluating the actual business model of the 4 Day Money Making Blueprint. I learnt that it was based on the affiliate marketing principle which is an extremely powerful business model. Some of the best success stories have involved affiliate marketing at the core of the business. Then I checked the advertising methods advocated by the program. Selling and advertising go hand in hand. If either is week, the business would not survive. So I wanted to know what marketing methods the program prescribed for its clients.The 4 Day Money Making Blueprint teaches people to use Article Marketing for selling affiliate products. This again is an excellent strategy. Selling products by writing articles was popularized by Travis Sago and his “Bum Marketing” method. David has used the Bum Marketing strategy with Travis’ permission for his program. The 4 Day Money Making Blueprint has a series of videos that teach people everything they need to know to sell affiliate products through article marketing. There is more than 15 hours worth of video on the site to take you by the hand and walk you through the process.Once I knew that the program used affiliate marketing as its business model (which is really a great business model by all standards) and article marketing for advertising (which again is a very effective form of marketing), I knew that the 4 Day Money Making Blueprint is one of the honest home businesses that I could recommend to anyone.

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